February 26th, 2020

A World Premiere: Innovating for a safer & more productive blasting

On December 10th, 2019, in Doña Elba Mine, a mine of Group Las Cenizas, in Taltal, in the Antofagasta region in Chile, our team programmed and fired 185 DaveyTronic® detonators with 2-way wireless capabilities: a world premiere!
In 1998, Davey Bickford, an almost 180-year-old experienced brand in pyrotechnic detonation, was pioneering the electronic detonator system with its first generation DaveyTronic®.
One of the key value elements, besides the accuracy of the electronic delay, was the capacity to communicate back & forth with each detonator to ensure their readiness to blast: a major safety breakthrough in the blasting industry.

22 years later, after 4 generations of DaveyTronic® and more than 30 million electronic detonators blasted without a single non-intended detonation and one of the lowest misfire rates in the industry, Davey Bickford Enaex has been performing its first electronic blast without any surface wire network, while maintaining the capacity to communicate back & forth with each detonator.

Each DaveyTronic® detonator is associated with its own surface module ensuring the 2-way radiocommunication and the supply of energy to the detonator.
Each module will be enabled and programmed optically through 2 different ways:
– Manually, through a handheld device
– Autonomously, through a drone, whose flight path has been programmed based on GPS location of each blast hole

Each module will communicate back & forth to a communication manager located near the blast pad thus enabling radiocommunication checks in addition to downhole testing.

This communication manager will then communicate with a firing device, located at safe distance from the blasting area, up to 1km away.

This new system enables a new range of benefits without compromising safety: contactless and autonomous programming, no last-minute tie-in, seamless troubleshooting, faster firing procedure, and all those while handled by regular blast crews.

Please watch this video DaveyTronic® whit Wireless capabilites  and for any inquiry, don’t hesitate to contact us via Linkedin, on our website www.daveybickfordenaex.com or www.enaex.com or get in touch with your Davey Bickford Enaex representative.