We are the world’s third largest producer of ammonium nitrate and first in blasting services in Chile.

Enaex has a track record of 100 years of experience in the explosives market, and has been an affiliate of the Sigdo Koppers Group since 1990. Throughout its history, the firm has blossomed into the third-largest producer of ammonium nitrate in the world.en

In 2016, the company developed an international growth plan designed to expand its global footprint and leverage capabilities to deliver innovative solutions with latest-generation technologies.

At the moment, the company is the number one provider of comprehensive rock-breaking services for mining projects in Chile and Latin America.

Seven hundred thousand tons of ammonium nitrate were produced in 2016 at the Prillex complex, which is the highest-capacity ammonium nitrate complex on the planet, with a nominal capacity of 850 thousand tons annually.

The company has contracts with prestigious mining firms, boasting a significant portfolio of clients operating the leading open-pit and underground mines in the region.


Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia, the company offers rock-breaking and blasting services, and also has an extensive network of service plants located at mine sites, delivering services such as blasting, loading blasting agents, surface lashing, blast hole covering, drilling checks, powder magazine management, and more.

Latin America, the country is known for its ongoing growth. In Colombia, the affiliate Enaex Colombia S.A.S. built a high-tech cartridge emulsions plant that has been operating since 2010.

Argentina, the affiliate Enaex Argentina SARL has a bulk emulsions plant that opened in 2014, while in Peru, the company acquired 80% of the local Chemtrade enterprise, which holds the ammonium nitrate supply contract for Antamina mine, one of the most important open-pit mines in the world.

Finally, the company gained a stronger foothold in Brazil in 2015 with the acquisition of 100% of IBQ Industrias Químicas (Britanite), the largest Brazilian civil explosives manufacturing and marketing company.

Enaex continued to develop outside of the region in June 2015, acquiring 91% of Davey Bickford, a leading global company in manufacturing electronic detonators and initiation systems, headquartered in France with affiliates in Australia, Canada, Chile, the United States, Mexico, and Peru.

Starting in 2016, the affiliates throughout the region started to operate under the names Enaex Colombia, Enaex Argentina, Enaex Perú, and Enaex Britanite to help the company continue to shore up its position as a regional leader in mining services.

Communities and the environment are the cornerstones of the Enaex growth plan, underpinned by an array of projects the company has carried out in these spheres, including, notably, the carbon credits program under the United Nations Kyoto Protocol, which make it possible to cut around 1 million tons of CO2 equivalent a year.

This initiative is the largest of its kind in Chile.

In other areas, the company has garnered recognitions and certifications in sustainability and innovation;


This year, it was chosen to join the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Chile (DJSI Chile) developed by the Santiago Stock Exchange, S&P Dow Jones Indices, and RobecoSAM, and was ranked first on the list of the “Most Innovative Companies Chile 2016” for the second year in a row in the Mining Services sector, compiled by Universidad de los Andes in partnership with the newspaper La Tercera.

Finally, it was recognized as an “Empresa Destacada 2016” by the Federation of Chilean Industry (SOFOFA), one of the most important awards in the country.

The company stands out from the pack thanks to its innovation and sustainability, providing excellence in quality, safety, and passion for service, which are non-negotiable values when it comes to meeting customer needs and delivering integrated solutions in the field.


Enaex is the largest producer of explosive-grade ammonium nitrate in Latin America, guaranteeing quality in the manufacturing of products and a constant supply.


Enaex has 100 years of experience in the explosives market, positioning itself as the world’s third producer of low-density ammonium nitrate and as comprehensive rock-fragmentation services provider.


Enaex is a high-performance organization, driven by the company’s four essential values: "Our piority life", "Our vocation our clients", "Our obsession excellence" and "Our strenght innovation and entrepreneurship".