Executive Committee

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Enaex organigrama



Company Management

Francisco Baudrand

Planning, Development and Control Manager

Luciano López C.

Country Manager Chile

Marcos Zamora

Operations Manager

Jorge Rioja O.

Regional HSEC and Operational Standards Manager

Matias Sims

Río Loa Plant Manager

Alejandro Castillo

Punta Teatinos Plant Manager

Cristóbal Ugalde R.

Mejillones Plant Manager

Leonel Cataldo M.

HSEC Manager

Erik Muñoz del Pino

Major Companies Manager

Berta Pasten

Accounting Manager

Ivan Zapata L.

Supply Chain Manager

Renato Ramírez I.

Underground Mining Manager

Patricio Melo

Compensation & Perks Director

Soledad de Palacios

Business Partner Director Latam West

Soledad Bauer

Organizational Development and Talent Management Director

Elmer Vidal

Country Manager Perú

Diego Hernández

Country Manager Argentina

Luis Fernando María

Country Manager Colombia