On July 2020, after an extensive process that last more than three years, Enaex finally acquired the 51% of the explosives division of the South African multinational Sasol. Enaex, took part in the business as the controlling partner of the firm. This Joint Venture was formed by spinning off certain assets and associated activities within the explosives value chain of the base chemicals business of Sasol South Africa. The company, which name is Enaex Africa, includes the associated business activities in both South Africa and other countries in Southern Africa.


Enaex Africa, markets and distributes commercial explosives, a wide range of specialized blasting accessories, a diversified range of bulk explosives used in underground mines, opencast mines and quarries, as well as supplying value added services to Southern Africa’s leading mining companies.


Explosive production facilities and offices

The explosives division has manufacturing sites in Secunda and Rustenburg; and offices in Sandton (headquarters) and Witbank (opencast management office), plus all the opencast customer sites within South Africa.

* Ammonium Nitrate Supply Agreement for Expan (Prill) and AN solution used for emulsion production in Secunda. Sasolburg AN prill plant is retained by Sasol.