Enaex Africa has a proud heritage as a world-class explosives’ leader and is the result of a joint venture between Enaex and Sasol. The company started its operations under its new name Enaex Africa in July 2020.

These two companies have an incredible heritage and track record.

Enaex is the main ammonium nitrate producer and supplier of comprehensive rock fragmentation services for the mining industry in Latin America. It is a global company, exporting to more than 40 countries, they have subsidiaries in eleven countries and production plants in six different countries.

Sasol, as a leading chemical and petroleum company has a presence in more than 30 companies and more than 30 000 employees around the world.

Both Enaex and Sasol are celebrating milestone years this year – Enaex and Sasol are celebrating 100 years and 75 years respectively and are both global leaders in their respective industries.