Enaex Africa markets and distributes a wide range of commercial explosives, Digital Blasting Systems, Centralised Blasting systems & conventional explosives accessories together with a broad range of services and equipment to both the opencast and underground markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Explosives are broadly classified into three categories: Packaged explosives, bulk explosives and initiating systems.

Bulk Explosives

Enaex Africa’s Bulk Explosives are world-class and the most efficient way to break large masses of rock and are critical in mining, quarrying and construction operations. Enaex Africa produces a wide range of bulk explosives.

AN Emex


Gassed Matrix


Centralised Blasting Systems

Our Centralised Blasting Systems (CBS) technology allows underground mining operations to initiate all production blasts from surface when everybody has evacuated their working places and returned to surface. As all people are above ground before any blasting is carried out incidents of gassing, falls of ground and/or seismicity while people are nearby are eliminated. The overall underground working environment is much safer for mining employees.

Packaged Explosives

Our Packaged Explosives are used primarily in narrow reef mining operations, construction and specialised surface applications. The cartridges come in different sizes – all blasting requirements are met.



Electronic Initiation and Digital Blasting Systems

Our Electronic Initiation and Digital Blasting Systems allow for drill and blast operations both on surface and underground to be optimised in terms of blast timing, blast size and blast results.


Enaex Africa offers a full range of explosives accessories including cord, non-electrics and cast boosters for reliable initiation of explosives charges. Our suite of accessories complements our full product offering.