Global Blasting Service

Enaex Colombia SAS provides a global blasting service that adjusts to our clients’ requirements. This service includes the following activities:

Blast Design:

  • Drilling design and production blasting
  • Drilling design and controlled blasting
  • Firing blasting sequence and timing design
  • Firing tie-up proposal
  • Fragmentation Models

Logistics, administration and control of explosive material:

  • Arrangements with the competent authority to authorize the use and acquisition of explosives intended for projects
  • Explosive material escort, storing, transportation and safety service
  • Explosive material supervision, legalization and control service

Blasting design and analysis software:

  • Software QED-Plus
  • Suite Smart Blast Design – Models: Elemental Waves and Scaled Charge, Smart Design and Flyrock

Blasting Instrumentation:

  • Vibrations Monitoring
    • Installation of geophones to measure near-field and far-field vibrations
    • Installation of geophones to measure P Wave
    • Vibration models determination
    • Elemental wave determination
    • Vibrations measurement
  • Granulometry measurement
    • Photos taking for WipFrag system.
    • Photos Analysis for WipFrag system

Technical consulting of excellence:

Enaex Colombia has a team of engineers and technical representatives of excellence in order to train, advise and recommend proper techniques and products for each particular case, to add value to its clients’ operations. We also offer blasting engineering services in order to optimize the fragmentation process.


Tel: + 57 1 7442767  Mobile + 57 315 885 9377

Address: Calle 113 No. 7 – 45 Of. 903 / Bogotá, Colombia

Person in charge:

Eng. Jeison Betancur Bolaño / Technical Commercial Supervisor