May 4th, 2018

Participation in Expomin

Clarity of information, the Ubex One® simulator and the presence of the RoboMiner®
were among the highpoints for those who visited our stand.


Innovation and interaction stole the show at our Expomin stand. The 15th annual fair brought together companies and experts from different countries, as well as students and the general public, to showcase the latest in mining innovation and equipment.

The fair welcomed over 70 thousand visitors over a span of 5 days, who toured the stands and learned about the products and proposals offered by the 1350 participating companies. Those who visited our stand encountered a space where innovation was the primary focus, consistent with the fair’s main theme:

“Innovation for mining development.” Here, our experts answered questions about the new products, remote-control technology and robotization, and Davey Bickford’s electronic initiation systems.

The incorporation of interactive elements was a wise move by the stand organizers, since participants were not only able to see the products, but they could also observe an interactive demo of the electronic initiation system, play in a simulator and witness for themselves one of our most anticipated innovations: the RoboMiner®.

Star of the Show

The RoboMiner® was the center of attention at our stand, particularly among our corporate visitors. “I was impressed with how in line it was with the recent trend of moving away from manual loading,” says Manuel, contractor for El Teniente.

“I enjoyed seeing it in person, as well as the front loading systems and simulator, because it familiarizes people a little more with the topic.”

“I’d be interested to see how it works, the remote, its distance range, what it detects, what it can haul,” says Christian Murillo, from Cromtek, who added that the information provided by the stand was very clear and well-structured. “Personally, the RoboMiner® was what stood out the most to me; it was interesting,” states Adrián Zegarra, from Peru.

“I’ve seen machines from many different brands, and I know quite a bit, but I had never seen this type of technology. There are some remote-controlled robots, but only for carrying one load, not for direct handling operations. It’s interesting that such a support exists, because it provides added security to the system.”


Innovative and Interactive

For students, the biggest attraction was the dual-loading equipment simulator for underground mining development and production, which was located inside a tunnel to better simulate the work inside an underground mine. “I was surprised by how fun and innovative it was,” comments Andy Rojas, student from INACAP. “What I liked the most was the tunnel simulator; it was original. I also liked the stand because, as students, we don’t usually get much attention. But here they treated us really well,” says Sebastián, another student from INACAP.

“It was interesting and very didactic. We even played with the detonation simulator,” says Alicia, a mine engineering student. “I like that it’s more didactic, because there are some stands that only hand out brochures; but here you can actually interact,” she adds. That sums up our successful participation in the 2018 Expomin, and we thank everyone who visited our stand to learn about our new developments in mining innovation.