Ammonium Nitrate Plant (Prillex América)

  • Located in Mejillones, adjacent to Puerto Angamos.
  • Production of bulk ammonium nitrate and emulsions.
  • Current production capacity: 850 mil ton/year.

Multimatrix Plant (Prillex América)

  • Located in Mejillones.
  • Production of bulk emulsions.
  • Current production capacity: 250 thousand tons/year

Dynamite and Explosives Plant (Río Loa)

  • Located in Calama.
  • Cartridge explosives factory (Dynamites, Pentolites, PETN) ANFO in sacks and bulk emulsions.

Initiation Systems Plant (Río Loa)

  • Located in Calama.
  • Non-electric detonator, dual non-electric detonator, trunk non-electric detonator factory.

ANFO and Emulsions Plant (Punta Teatinos)

  • Located in La Serena.
  • Production of emulsions and distribution center for Ammonium Nitrate and cartridge products.