We do not only produce but also develop and innovate in key processes,
products and technology to improve productivity and help our clients in their operational processes.

Enaex is conducting an ongoing development process, focused on the delivery of new products and services that address its clients’ specific problems and innovatively contribute to production process efficiency.

Recognizing the blasting impact on the complete mining process, the Company has oriented part of its efforts to improve fragmentation control and slope stability control, which are key aspects to obtain significant improvements in the waste movement, fines reduction, wall stability, crushing and milling process productivity, resulting in a significant energy saving in the clients’ productive process.

In 2014 Enaex presented its main projects to the CORFO’s R&D tax incentives, successfully obtaining certification of three mining R&D projects, with a total approximate investment of US$ 5.6 million. This certificate positioned Enaex as one of the most innovative companies in Chile within the industry sector.

The results of our innovation steps are reflected in the following projects:




Milodón® Truck

Mixer truck with a 30-ton charge capacity in the client’s own operation.


Ubex® One Truck

Dual underground equipment. It can load development and production shots



Safelock System Locks the detonator in the booster, avoiding its decoupling and making the priming operation more secure