1) “Open Doors” Program

Every month, Enaex opens its doors to receive the community of Mejillones and Calama to show in situ the operations and safety standards applied.

Also, part of the plant’s managing team monthly visits a neighboring council to respond to the community’s common concerns in a kind and confident environment.

In both cases, the purpose is to generate a close and direct relationship with the residents.

2) Dual vocational training Program

The Prillex Plant annually receives students from local Technical Schools in order to provide them better competencies for their incorporation into the labor market as well as encouraging to continue with higher education studies.

3) Environment International Day

Enaex promotes the community caring for the environment through developing  a full day recycling activity at the main square of the city, giving plants as gift and sharing with the local families. This activity is done yarly.

4) HAZMAT training course at USA for local Fire Department

Every year, Enaex provides one scholarship to the local Fire Department at the Texas A&M Engineering Institute to improve their knowledge regarding chemical emergencies.