Premio Best 2018 Somos destacados como una de las 10 empresas Best Chile 2018
October 30th, 2018

We are one of the 10 companies selected by Best Chile 2018

For the third year running Enaex has been recognized as one of the ten companies with the most commitment to the future and to our workers’ wellbeing.

Once again we have the pleasure of being listed as one of the top ten companies in the Best Chile initiative, organized by Principal with the support of AFP Cuprum, People First, and media partner La Tercera.

The goal of the award is to showcase the companies that show the most commitment to supporting their collaborators’ wellbeing and financial future. The ceremony was attended by the company’s Head of Benefits, Laura Llanos, and by Compensation Manager Patricio Melo, who received the prize from Under-Secretary of Social Security María José Zaldívar.

“This is the third year in a row that we have been selected as one of the top ten companies, and the award inspires us to carry on working to improve quality of life for our collaborators and their families. We maintain permanent contact with them, and offer them a range of benefits focused on health, education, and pension support”, said Laura.

“Our best practices include flexible benefits that are divided into five categories: bonuses, education, health care, retirement savings (financial guidance), and free time – each year we strive to expand the range of benefits that we offer, and to ensure a diverse range of options.”

“In the field of health care, our preventive checkups and health events are now backed by pension guidance sessions for our workers, helping them to understand their current situation for early retirement. These advisory services are important, as we offer a benefit for up to ten workers taking early retirement each year, with contributions to bolster their voluntary pension savings,” she added.


What is Best Chile?

Best Chile conducts an annual study into Chilean and foreign companies, encouraging them to take care of their workers and make a commitment to their financial and retirement future. It sets out to identify the best practices and benefits that arise from such a commitment, both for companies and for their workers.

It also releases methodological studies into Chilean workers’ financial health within the companies where they work, and encourages employers to help spread awareness of the country’s current financial and pension systems.

Launched three years ago, Best Chile is the country’s first initiative to reward the companies that show the greatest commitment to their collaborators’ financial health and wellbeing, in both the short and long term.

This year 75 companies took part in the study, working in 17 industry sectors such as transport, industrial services, finance, mining, education, technology, and construction. 54% of participants were domestic companies, and the remaining 46% are foreign companies that operate in Chile.

The study covers large, medium-sized, and small organizations, including private companies, public institutions, and NGOs operating in all sectors, with at least 15 collaborators. All participating organizations are evaluated in four areas: insurance, organizational culture, health and welfare, and financial and retirement benefits.