From modest beginnings, two niche players in the Australian mining industry have grown to become the nation’s preferred blasting contractor. As Enaex Australia, we value our rich history of diversity and local experience, which laid the foundation for stronger bonds.


In 2023, Enaex acquired Australia’s leading blasting accessories company, MTi Group, solidifying our presence as a serious and multi-faceted competitor in the Australian market.


In 2021, Downer Blasting Services and Davey Bickford Enaex Australia joined forces to become Enaex Australia – bringing decades of Australian experience together to create stronger bonds across the Australian mining industry.


In 2015, the global Davey Bickford business was acquired by the global Enaex business. In the Australian and New Zealand markets, the business was rebranded to Davey Bickford Enaex Australia.


In 2012, Davey Bickford received the Rio Tinto #1 supplier of the year award, out of a pool of more than 4000 suppliers. In 2013, Downer Blasting was awarded over $230 million in contract extensions with long-term clients, Yancoal Australia, Sojitz and Saracen. Through partnerships with Forcit Explosives and Normet, Downer Blasting expanded its services to include underground blasting.


In 2008, Downer Blasting’s fourth emulsion-manufacturing facility was built to service its new project at Savage River Mine in Tasmania.


In 2007, Roche Blasting Services rebranded to Downer Blasting Service, expanding its geographical presence into Western Australia and started working on two new iron ore contracts. A new emulsion-manufacturing facility was built at Collie to supply these contracts and support our continued growth in the west. That same year, Davey Bickford signed a contract with Rio Tinto Australia one of the world’s largest metal and mining corporations.


In 2005, French blasting company, Davey Bickford, entered the Australian and New Zealand markets. One year later, Davey Bickford secured its first major contract in the region, kicking off works at McMahons Mine in Waihi, New Zealand.


New South Wales and Queensland operations continued to expand over the next couple of years. To accommodate, an emulsion-manufacturing facility was built in Bajool to service Queensland operations.


In 2002, Roche Blasting Services entered into a joint venture with South African explosives company, Sasol, and become Sasol Roche Blasting Services. In 2002 the business broke into the Queensland market for the first time, winning a contract at Goonyella Riverside Mine which was completed 16 years later in 2018.


At the turn of the millennium, Roche Mining purchased CBS – a small blasting contractor with five projects and an emulsion-manufacturing facility in the Hunter Valley. The business was rechristened to Roche Blasting Services.