At Enaex, we understand that every mine faces unique challenges and has differing expectations and needs from their explosive supplier.

That is why we offer a flexible range of services and products which can be tailored to provide mining companies with exactly what they need.

Blast Design

We comprehensively design the blasting to ensure the following tasks and objectives:

  • Design the drilling grid, the initiation sequence, and blast loading rules, thanks to modelling, design and analysis tools that allow for the simulation of results according to information on the rock mass and its condition.
  • Deliver evacuation plans.

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Packaged Explosives Supply

Enaex manufactures a wide range of products.

Its product development ensures a safe supply for clients, with the capacity to react quickly in the event of contingencies and guarantee quality.


Transport of Explosives

Enaex has a robust logistics and storage structure, with exceptional experience and safety in the supply of bulk raw materials, packaged explosives products, and initiation systems to enable operational continuity and supply.


Bulk Explosives Loading

Enaex can produce different bulk explosives alternatives that can be adapted to meet a wide variety of on-site needs.

These products are loaded into the mine using properly equipped mixer trucks to comply with the strictest safety standards and all applicable laws and regulations.


Blast Hole Priming, Programming, Stemming

Blast Hole Priming, Programming, Stemming & Plugging Services

Enaex provides comprehensive blasting services that include the following activities:

  1. Blast hole priming (pyrotechnic/electronic).
  2. Mechanical explosive loading.
  3. Blast hole plugging.
  4. Mooring and shot initiation (pyrotechnic/electronic).
  5. Programming and testing of electronic detonators.
  6. Post-blasting review.


Blast Initiation

The explosive experts at Enaex guarantee that the blasting has been loaded safely, that all initiation systems are connected and ready to fire before clearing the area and beginning the blasting procedure.

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Optimisation of Blasting Results

With over 100 years of experience in blasting, Enaex has teams of experts that can optimise results in terms of the impact on cost, performance, productivity and the environment.

They provide an agile response customised to the mining client, with the assistance of latest generation tools that allow for better data monitoring and management in order to proactively make high-impact decisions.

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Magazine Management

Enaex offers its customers a comprehensive magazine and plant management service, taking charge over the daily management, reception, storage, replacement, dispatch and transfer of raw materials, high explosive and mine accessories.

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Product Quality Control

Enaex has a team of professionals, instrumentation systems, procedures, and instructions to ensure the quality of its products at all times.

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