DaveyTronic OP/OPW® Evolution

OP/OPW by DaveyTronic® for quarries, civil works, including tunnels and small mines: ease of use and maximum safety for optimal productivity.

Like any DaveyTronic® system, OP/OPW by DaveyTronic® provides a high level of precision and reliability, which improves blasting yield while offering an easy-to-use machine-human interface that allows for quick programming.

The entry system of the DaveyTronic® portfolio offers the main safety features of its family of products:

At the detonator level
• Double condenser: one for two-way communication between the blasting equipment and detonators, and another for firing command.
• Smartshunt, to isolate the fuse head until it receives the firing command

At the blasting machine level:
• Ongoing testing procedures until the firing command is given
• Electronic safety lock (RFID) to authorize the firing procedure.

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