DaveyTronic SP® Evolution

DaveyTronic®SP digital blasting system for large open-pit mining operations.

The new DaveyTronic®SP digital blasting system consists of a set of three resistant units: a portable remote dynamiter, the DRB unit (DaveyTronic® remote blastdriver) and the programming unit (PU), along with a compact blast controller BD (Blast driver). The smart USB, RS232 and Ethernet interfaces facilitate communication with PC applications such as D2D (blasting design software) or Datalogger (data transfer software).


The DaveyTronic®SP digital blasting system has a patented and safe communication protocol to control the firing line and wireless data transmission. The integrated modems provide world-class performance with reliability that has been specifically developed for the mining industry. The DaveyTronic®SP detonator, tested on site, offers the industry an unprecedented level of safety, with two condensers, coded two-way communication and protection systems against unplanned initiation “SmartShunt intelligent derivation” exclusive to Davey Bickford.


With the DaveyTronic®SP digital blasting system, safety is reinforced with patented RFID technology and the unique tracking ID number for each detonator. Blasting controllers (BD – Blast Drivers) and remote-controlled dynamiters (DRB – DaveyTronic®Blast drivers) are coupled before blasting to guarantee the other devices’ immunity to RF and involuntary initiation. The design includes an exclusive “EMP test” feature, which consists of galvanic insulation in the firing line that eliminates the risk of electric shock.


It is now possible for the DRB remote dynamiter (DaveyTronic® remote blasting) DaveyTronic®SP to remotely control a network of several blast drivers located in different parts of the mine, in order to fire several blasting explosions simultaneously from a central location.

The precision and reliability of the DaveyTronic®SP detonator allows for a significant improvement in blasting performance through:
• Better fragmentation and material uniformity.
• Better waste piling control to optimize dilution and excavation control.
• Better vibration control and repeatability.
• Allows for large blasting explosions of greater scope, to further reduce inactivity times and increase productivity.
• The Synchroblast™ model also allows for larger blast design, as it associates up to three DBD in a single shot.

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