DaveyTronic UG® Evolution

The DaveyTronic®UG electronic blasting system is the product of the cumulative and proven on-site experience of the DaveyTronic® portfolio, and in particular, its most advanced system: the fourth generation DaveyTronic®SP. With Davey Bickford’s implementation knowledge and global technical solutions equipment, the DaveyTronic®UG system will change the way explosions are fired, for blasting initiations in underground operations. Welcome to the future!

Total compatibility with the underground environment:

The DaveyTronic®UG system is totally compatible with all of the main underground network systems for remote blasting: Leaky Feeder, RS485, wifi, telephone line and, fiber optics.

Designed for the high demands of underground operations, the DaveyTronic®UG detonator is protected against:
• Dynamic pressure, thanks to its resistant copper casing
• Electromagnetic pulse, thanks to the design of its electronic module.

The blasting equipment is also well-built for difficult conditions, including potential shocks, impact and high levels of humidity.

DaveyTronic’s® excellence in safety by design throughout the blasting procedure:

Safer at the detonator level:
• Exclusive double condenser: one for two-way communication, with blasting equipment and another for firing
• Exclusive Smartshunt, which insulates the initiation fuse head until it receives the order to fire.

Safer at the system level:
• Ongoing testing and review procedures until the firing order is given
• Electronic safety lock to authorize the firing procedure.

Total compatibility and safety of the DaveyTronic®UG system, associated with the engineering capacities of Davey Bickford, will help address most of the underground challenges, such as:
• Vibrations control and less damage in nearby excavations
• Reduction in overexcavations and underexcavations
• Massive production blasting explosions and/or multiple events, easy to implement components, and greater productivity
• Lower cost per unit and faster progress (in the case of development and tunneling)
• Better inventory management*

* In comparison to non-electric inventory

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