Our gender equality index

Diversity within our teams is an asset that we wish to preserve and is a priority of our social policy.

Indeed, Davey Bickford Enaex is deeply committed to ensuring that all employees can access any job and level of responsibility solely on the basis of their aptitude for the position in question, regardless of their sex and gender. It is our responsibility to support our employees through daily actions to promote gender diversity within our technical fields and to encourage their development throughout their career.

In accordance with the law of September 5, 2018 for the freedom to choose one’s professional future and the decree of January 5, 2019, aimed at eliminating pay gaps between women and men, Enaex Europe is publishing its 2022 gender equality index.

In 2022, we achieved a score of 83 out of 100 points, above the minimum legal requirement of 75/100.

Our action plans implemented:

Promotion rates :
Our objective is to maintain a rate of women and men benefiting from individual measures (promotions, advancement, bonuses) equivalent to their respective weight in the workforce.
We undertake to provide managers with the information they need to take into account employees (women or men) for whom a pay gap has been identified in relation to the average for their job or classification, in order to enable them to make informed decisions (as part of the annual individual salary measures campaign).

Representation of men and women in the top 10 salaries:
We are committed to establishing a selection structure that ensures fair representation of both sexes at the top of the company.v