Our social strategy:

Our focus is on generating shared value projects within the communities where we operate. We also work hard on safety for life care and meet our corporate goal of 30% female talent by 2030.


Our main initiatives:

Enaex & its communities

Enaex defined as its social purpose to be an agent of positive change in the communities where it operates, contributing to concrete actions in creating social capital.

Enaex maintains a strategic relationship with each one of its stakeholders, which allows mutual collaboration.

Given that each group is vital for our company’s continued operation, several communication channels have been deployed to address the parties continuously, either directly or indirectly. Some are the General Meeting, Integrated Sustainability Report, satisfaction surveys, whistleblower channel, among others.

Community engagement: Enaex strategy

Our purpose is to ensure the operational continuity of the business while actively engaging with the communities with which we relate, as they are part of our sustainable development.

Download our Community engagement strategy:

Our Collaborators

Our employees are a fundamental pillar for the success of our company. Our commitment is to provide them with quality employment, a safe work environment, and personal and professional development opportunities.

Diversity at Enaex in 2022:

Generations at Enaex in 2022:

Nationalities at Enaex in 2022:

In 2022, 44% of open positions were filled by internal candidates.

Total number of new collaborators:

Our collaborators & independent trade unions

48% of the total number of our employees are represented by and independent trade union or covered by collective barganing agreements.


Climate Survey

The survey is an instrument designed internally by Enaex, and the dimensions we measure are: leadership, camaraderie and pride, benefits, training and development, recognition, safety, and innovation.

2022: 79.3% Satisfaction.