Enaex Robotics Underground Robotics

Our robotic blasting solution for underground mining

Enaex Robotics made an important launch of a new robotic solution for the loading of blasting agents in underground mining.

This solution generates a great leap in safety, eliminating the risks due to exposure in the loading process, mainly in tunnel development, where our clients present great challenges still unresolved.

Enaex, with its robotized equipment, is taking the first step together with its clients to transform mining and make it more human through the use of technology.

Underground Robotics features


Robotized factory equipment has an autonomous system for driving inside the mine designed to remotely perform all the tasks associated with the loading of explosives for development work. It has a mechanized priming system and can manufacture Ugex Full FaceĀ®, an emulsion with a variable density that allows precision blasting and high performance.

This equipment allows loading in subway mining remotely and safely, with the entire process being monitored from a remote control station or a centralized operations station.