Primacord® detonating cord, when detonated, has the initiating energy of a blasting cap at all points along its entire length. The Primacord® detonating cord detonates at a speed of approximately 7000m/s. Primacord® trunklines will initiate any number of additional lengths, extensions or branch lines through correctly tied connections or knots.

When used as a down line, the explosive supplier should be consulted as to the sensitivity and compatibility of cord and explosives used. Primacord® detonating cord is simple in design and use. The high explosive core is encased in various protective coverings developed to withstand the many conditions encountered in the fi eld. The difference between the standard types of Primacord® detonating cord is essentially the core load coupled with a difference in the degree of protection afforded by the encasements.

Five different core load products are available, Detacord® (3.5g/m), E-cord® (5.0g/m), SB cord™ (8.0g/m), Zapcord™ (10g/m) and Zapcord™ 40 (40g/m. Various combinations of materials such as textiles and plastics cover the raw PETN (Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate) core. The textiles used provide tensile strength andflexibility, as well as resistance to abrasion and cutting, extremes of heat and cold and water and oil penetration.

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