Trojan™ Boosters

Trojan™ cast boosters deliver the driving force required for generating maximum initiating energy and blasting efficiency.They provide reliability, safety and durability for all underground mining, opencast mining and quarry applications.

By combining high detonation velocity (7500m/s) with high density (1.6g/cm ), Trojan™ cast boosters optimise detonation pressure (225kbar) and consistently out perform any other type of commercial boosters. Trojan™ cast boosters are designed to be initiated by all Primadet® detonators and equivalent detonators manufactured by other suppliers. The 150g, c-400 and c-800 Trojan™ Boosters can be used with a single pass of Primacord® detonating cord with a minimum core load of 8g/m (i.e. Zapcord™ or SB cord). For specialised blasting where a lower core load is to be used (i.e. E-cord – 5g/m). It is necessaryto double loop the cord through the cord tunnel.

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