Enaex Peru with H2 Peru, Peruvian Hydrogen Association, organized in June 2023 an exclusive event for Association members: "Getting to know the first green hydrogen plant in Peru".

For one day, the 40 guests could learn about the country’s first electrolyzers (in operation since 1965), exchange information, and discover new opportunities in the green hydrogen market to connect and strengthen professional ties.

The Enaex Peru team presented the technique for producing ammonium nitrate, ammonia, and hydrogen while touring the facilities with associates. It aimed to learn about the industrial green hydrogen production process and analyze the electrolysis technology’s technical and economic feasibility.

Renowned companies and professionals attended the guided tour who are mostly part of the green hydrogen value chain, such as Cálidda, Cummins Peru, EDF Peru, Enaex, ENGIE Peru, FCISA, Latam Airlines, Linde Peru, Mitsui & CO., Promigas, Siemens Energy, Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde, Stork, and Walsh Peru. Also present were professional partners, key in the Peruvian green hydrogen ecosystem, such as Licy Benzaquen, José Luis Macassi, and José Luis Saráchaga. They expressed their enthusiasm for the experience.

“In the Association, we create interactive spaces to exchange experiences like this one. Knowing a real green hydrogen plant, the first in the country certainly enriches everyone. We are pleased with the commitment of the associates. Green hydrogen is currently experiencing an unprecedented moment. Peru has not only the renewable energy potential of its natural resources but also decades of experience operating and maintaining hydrogen production facilities. These efforts could lay the foundations of our national industry and accelerate training for new sector professionals,” said Daniel Cámac, president of H2 Peru.

“At Enaex, we have a clear and, at the same time, challenging purpose: to humanize mining. One of this process’ pillars involves ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) initiatives: moving towards greener and cleaner production is essential.

Enaex Peru is a pioneer in this approach, and sharing our experience with H2 Peru has enriched us all. Peru has all the resources to mobilize the energy industry towards green hydrogen-oriented processes. Still, it needs to generate a comprehensive ecosystem that promotes and enables these projects to become viable,” said Rodrigo Pastor, country manager of Enaex Peru.

Within the framework of this event, Enaex reaffirms Peru’s potential to play a leading global role in the industry and that it already has the necessary knowledge and experience in the country.