Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct specifies good practices, defines and illustrates the different types of behavior to be prohibited as being likely to characterize acts of corruption or influence peddling.

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Health and safety policies

The purpose of this document is to make known the company’s commitments in compliance with legislation, occupational health and safety awareness, environmental responsibility, and community relations.


Corporate Governance Practices

A list of corporate governance practices aligned with Regulation No. 385 of the Chilean Financial Market Commission is presented.


Corporate Governance Code

The purpose of this document is to disclose the Corporate Governance structure of Enaex S.A., regulate its operation, and present the practices related to it, which have been adopted following current regulations and international standards, to comply with the Board’s mission to maximize the company’s value.


Code of Ethics

The purpose of this document is to show our company’s commitment to promoting ethical behaviour in its labour relations, commercial operations, and in all actions in which Enaex, its collaborators, and advisors are involved. Regardless of the physical place where they carry out their activities and functions.


Information Management Manual

Manual for Managing Market Interest Information

This document details the company’s internal policies and standards to disclose the information that it will make available to all those persons or entities interested in knowing it and the systems implemented to ensure that such information is communicated on time.