We are in several regions of the country and with the expectations of continuing to grow and create value in the operations where we develop our services and analyzing possible future acquisitions to ensure growth and stability throughout the explosives market in Mexico.

2018 - 2019

In the search for a more independent relationship, the search for possible Mexican companies in the world of explosives open to a partnership relationship that allows the inclusion of foreign companies (Enaex – Davey Bickford) to have their own autonomy within the country as part of their own Mexican companies.

2016 -2017

Transition from Davey Bickford to Enaex, introducing in Mexico, in addition to Daveytonic detonator and Prillex Nitrate, products such as booster, detonating cord and softron.

With this, the presence of both companies expands to different regions and mining areas of the country, promoting advanced engineering services in blasting supported by Enaex’s product line.


With the acquisition of Davey Bickford by Enaex, the product range of the two companies in the Mexican market expands, being mainly ammonium nitrate and electronic initiation systems in a first stage to later introduce the high explosives line.


Service and sale of detonators was provided to three of the main mining companies in the country.  During this period, the Davey Bickford detonator made a great difference in technological advancement, which served to have a good position in the market.


ProExplo is formed, a company whose main objective was to sell a specialized technical service in the mining sector, supported by the implementation in the market of Davey Bickford’s electronic initiation systems, using the experience and high skills of the team that formed it.