Enaex Mining Technical Solutions (EMTS) : A consolidated team of engineers and technical representatives allowing Enaex to train, advise, recommend and deliver the proper techniques and products for each particular case, adding value to the clients operations.

EMTS is a global team of over 100 engineers with experience ranging from recent graduates to over 30 years in the field of blast research and engineering; with most of the team having worked for major mining companies.

We follow the Enaex GLOCAL Strategy. Our EMTS teams are local and report to their respective Country Manager; however are supported by a corporate team such that best practice learning can be transferred throughout the different countries.

What do we do?

We partner with our customers to apply the correct energy in the correct place at the correct time to drive value for all downstream processes.

We deliver optimised drill and blast designs to meet the requirements for:

  1. Fleet productivity.
  2. Processing throughput.
  3. Mineral Loss and Dilution Control.
  4. Wall Control.
  5. Community Vibration Management.
  6. Drill and Blast Cost Management.

We support our product and operational teams with product stewardship, implementation of new products, and incident investigation.

How do we do it?

The EMTS system for design, measurement, analysis and modelling, allows us to share these tools directly with our customers, permitting free data exchange to ensure that measures implemented on-site are sustainable.

We have a number of in-house developed measurement and reporting systems using the latest technologies including Drones and RFID.

Furthermore our partnerships with third party software and service providers allow us to use the best tool for the application, including:

Meet our EMTS Team