Our Philosophy

We strive to build and nurture the bonds between our teams, our clients, our partners, and local communities to contribute to humanize mining.

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Enaex History

Enaex has over 100 years of experience producing ammonium nitrate and delivering comprehensive rock-breaking services across the seven continents.

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Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is composed of men and women who work daily to ensure that Enaex achieves its goals and vision.

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Board of directors

Enaex is a company committed to good practices in corporate governance. That is why we have a nomination procedure for Director candidates, whose guidelines allow us to identify the diversity of skills, knowledge, and experience.


Ownership structure

At the end of 1990, the Sigdo Koppers S.A. corporate group became part of the company’s ownership, subsequently gaining control of the company in 1993.

Sigdo Koppers S.A. participates, among other activities, in the service, industrial and automotive sectors and the import, sale, and lease of heavy machinery, agricultural, and transportation equipment for construction and supplies.



Thanks to its internalisation, Enaex is on its way to accomplish its vision of becoming the preferred premium blasting solution partner in all main mining regions.

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