Enaex Africa is proudly BBBEE Level 2 Compliant

Enaex Africa was certified as a Level 2 BBBEE compliant in the last audit conducted at the end of February 2023. This is an important milestone that is consistent with Enaex Africa´s commitment to transformation and diversity.

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) is an integration program launched by the South African government in 2003 to reconcile South Africans and address apartheid inequalities. It encourages businesses to integrate the black community into the workplace and into business management and development. Companies are awarded points that can be applied to a BBBEE certificate.

By achieving a Level 2 BBBEE rating shows Enaex Africa has embraced the concept. Enaex however has gone beyond seeing BBBEE compliance as a tick box exercise. The approach from the formation of the company a little less than two and a half years ago has been focused and methodical.

“We have said from the beginning that we believe in diversity, transformation, and in doing things with a specific goal in mind. We want to have the right people in the right positions from a business point of view.” says Francisco Baudrand, CEO for Enaex Africa.

Achieving a Level 4 is the absolute minimum for a supplier to operate in the South African mining industry. It is a license to operate.

Comfort Mathenjwa, Director for Sales and Marketing for Enaex Africa is proud of what the company has achieved in a relatively short time. “I can take a great message to our team, current and potential customers. My colleagues can see we are committed to addressing the challenges of our past and at the same time getting the right mix of people across the organisation.”

The work to consolidate this Level 2 score will continue with a focus on internal skills development like the YES programme, the Young Professionals and on external procurement initiatives that support local businesses.

“We must be aware that there are factors on our supplier side for example that are out of our control, but I am committed to try achieve Level 1 compliance by 2025,” says Francisco.