Enaex Brasil is among the five most innovative companies in the Chemical industry in Brazil.

Enaex Brasil received the Award Valor Inovação Brasil 2022. The company ranked as the fifth most innovative company in Brazil in the Chemical industry.

Organized by Strategy& – PwC’s strategic consultancy – and Valor Econômico newspaper, the award is in its eighth edition. Of the more than 300 registered organizations, Enaex Brasil won its place among the 150 most innovative companies in the country, ranking 148th overall. The recognition was granted in the first time the company competed for the most recognized innovation award in the country.

The survey evaluates the innovation practices of companies operating in Brazil in different economic activities. Participants must have at least 5% private equity in their capital and net income above R$500 million in one of the last two fiscal years in Brazil.

Innovation at Enaex

“We want innovation to help us take people out of the hostile environment of the mines”, said the VP Latam East & North America of Enaex, Antonio Cyrino de Sá, in an interview with Valor Econômico.

The article was published in the Award’s yearbook.

In the interview, Antonio Cyrino also talked about the Mine to Mill optimization project, which manages the entire work process at the mine, from drilling and blasting to ore grinding, and makes it possible to maximize the plant’s yielding using existing resources.

The ranking is based on five pillars of the innovation chain: desire to innovate, efforts to carry out innovation, results obtained, market assessment and the sharing of knowledge. As a highlight for the selection of Enaex, in addition to Mine to Mill, there are projects related to new processes and systems, such as Dual Pump and Blast Intelligent and the launch of new products, such as Pirex BR and DaveyTronic Swift—market solutions or process innovations already offered by the company.

The VP highlighted future projects involving the use of robotics, with autonomous operations in the field, remote control (with remotely controlled trucks) and drone operations. First-hand, he commented on Enaex’s preparation to start exploring 5G technology and the request to have two Starlink satellite channels—a project by the American company SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk.

Other winners:

Alongside Enaex, 3M (1st place), BASF (2nd), Oxiteno (3rd), and Messer Gases (4th) were also awarded in the Chemical industry. Vale, Enaex Brasil’s biggest customer, ranked second overall on the list and first in the Mining, Metallurgy and Steelmaking category.

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