Our environmental strategy:

In the environmental area, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing our scope 1 emissions by 30% by 2030, and our scope 2 emissions by 40% by 2035, with a view to becoming net zero by 2050. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing water use by 40% by 2040 in areas of water stress.

The other major challenges are circular economy and biodiversity projects.

We are also constantly revising our operational activities in order to not incur in any ecosystem disturbance, including deforestation. We are working on including this commitment in the next update of our environmental policy.

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What is the carbon footprint?

The Carbon Footprint is the total emissions of CO2 and other Greenhouse Gases (GHG) into the atmosphere generated by an individual, organization, event, or product.

These emissions are quantified according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s international standard (and are expressed in metric tons ofCO2 equivalent (CO2e).

Calculating the Carbon Footprint is the first big step to know and manage the primary sources of GHG emissions of a process, obtaining a strategic tool to communicate, endorse, disseminate and multiply the exercise of environmental responsibility, adding value to the company.

The carbon footprint includes direct and indirect emissions:

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We are committed to respecting and caring for our planet

Unitary carbon footprint of the blasting process

Enaex Corporate Carbon Footprint (Chile, Brazil, South Africa and Peru)

Enaex Chile Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

Enaex Brasil Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

Enaex Africa Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

Enaex Peru Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

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During the year 2022, we did not have any administrative sanction in environmental matters (no fine, revocation, facility closure or suspension of operation).

Total Water Consumption

Water management is handled at the local level. Each plant/subsidiary generates an action plan according to its needs, operations, and environmental and legislative compliance; however, the company is committed to the environment and the careful use of resources, so its main focus is its efficient service.

Waste Generation

Enaex manages the environmental aspects of its operations, trying to reduce the possible impacts generated.

Atmospheric emissions

Enaex has managed to reduce GHG emissions to the atmosphere since 2007. By implementing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects for the abatement and monitoring GHG emissions within its production plants, managing to enter the United Nations carbon credits market and issuing Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).


The policy is to comply with current legislation, regulations, standards, and protocols applicable to all plants and subsidiaries.

Chemical oxygen demand

Discover our chemical oxygen demand.

Energy consumption

Since 2010, the company has developed energy efficiency projects that have achieved a significant reduction in operating costs and, at the same time, an indirect decrease in CO2 equivalent emissions.

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