Sustainability strategy

Enaex is continually working on the improvement of all activities related to sustainability.

Creating economic, environmental, and social value in the short and long term is a challenge we have as a company.

Learn about the sustained progress over time involving our community, environmental, and HSEC management.


Environment Pillar

At Enaex we promote environmental responsibility in all our business areas, with our clients and communities where we operate.

We are constantly working on environmental protection, efficient use of our resources and the fight against climate change.

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Social Pillar

Our focus is on generating shared value projects within the communities where we operate. We also work hard on safety for life care and meet our corporate goal of 30% female talent by 2030.

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Governance pillar

We base our business on customer satisfaction and innovation, and all our employees are aware of government policies that ensure ethics, transparency, and non-discrimination globally.

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Enaex Brasil is committed to provide premium blasting solutions, civil explosives and initiation systems, adding value to our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

To maintain this objective, we will continue to invest in the excellence and innovation of our products and services, prioritizing life and compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System, always acting in an ethical, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

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