Innovation & Entrepreneurship Blasting Digitization

Enaex Bright, Advancing towards optimized blasting.

The mining industry is transitioning towards more intelligent digital mining, incorporating different technologies and adapting its processes to this purpose. These changes help increase the availability of information, use advanced analytics to improve performance, enhance worker safety, and achieve greater coordination during operations.

One of the areas where the digital transformation may add value is in the blasting process.

Enaex Bright will be a digital platform designed for blasting optimization and digital integration with our clients, for the final purpose of enhancing productivity by reducing the variability of the processes.

This platform will provide the opportunity to learn about the operational process through artificial intelligence tools for the purpose of propose operational optimizations. Moreover, it will generate digital information to facilitate the integration with our clients’ systems and enable traceability of the complete process from design to the blasting result.

Using advanced instrumentation and the Internet of Things, the platform will receive input from different data sources in the mining subprocesses (drilling, mixer truck loading, blasting results, etc.). The data collected will be processed and analyzed to generate valuable and accessible information for different areas and players, which may then be used to make decisions on how to dynamically optimize the process in order to quickly adapt to changes in the environment.