Innovation & Entrepreneurship Enaex Robotics

Pioneers in 100% robotic blasting

Since 2019, Enaex offers its customers a robotic solution to operate and implement remote-controlled loading operations on site.

The main focus of Enaex Robotics is to achieve three objectives:

  1. To offer a solution for high-risk operations, always seeking to improve people’s safety level,
  2. To make mining resources viable where, given the level of risk, a traditional operation is precluded,
  3. Implement remote and automated operations, modernize the traditional mining method, generate a technological leap, and advance productivity.

Open Pit Robotics

For open-pit operations, Enaex created an autonomous solution that allows performing all operations of the blasting process remotely:

  • Pre-trigger inspection,
  • Booster and detonator priming,
  • Bulk explosive loading,
  • Well plugging, tie back, and firing.

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Underground Robotics

For underground operations, Enaex created a robotized explosives loading solution for the development of tunnels that allows:

  • Performance of all blasting operations remotely,
  • Elimination of the risk associated with exposure of people,
  • Operate in areas with limited access, and allow operational in high-risk areas,
  • Be integrated into autonomous operations and interact with other autonomous equipment such as LHD or drilling rigs.

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