Enaex Robotics Underground Robotics

Our robotic blasting solution for underground mining

An important milestone for underground mining worldwide has been achieved by Enaex through its innovations in robotics and automation, powered by Enaex Robotics.

During April 2022, a 100% remote, robotic and autonomous loading was carried out for tunnel development operations in underground mining, this being the first of many robotic loadings in a productive mine that will be carried out during 2022 with the UG- iTruck®, robotic loading equipment developed by Enaex.

The main challenge we are solving with this technology is the operation in complex areas and with the presence of operational risks such as rock burst, geomechanical instabilities and seismicity, especially present in deep mining.

With the UG-iTruck®, the risk present in special operations, where there is high exposure, is eliminated, moving people to a safe place where the entire system is controlled remotely.

The equipment is designed to load explosives in development tunnels, with the ability to measure the profile of each perforation, clean them if necessary, assemble boosters and detonators robotically, load emulsion and detonate without the need for tie up since they are used wireless electronic detonators, thus making the shot from a safe area inside or outside the mine.

Underground Robotics features