Recommendations for the election of Board members

In view of the relevance of the role of the Board of Directors in the Company, as well as the Company’s commitment to respect and promote the principles of non-discrimination in all areas, the Board of Directors of Enaex S.A. hereby declares its intention to recommend to its shareholders the consideration of the following principles when nominating a candidate to the Company’s Board of Directors.

  1. The members of the Board of Directors must meet high standards in the exercise of the position and possess the appropriate skills and experience, always focused on adding greater value to the Company.
  2. A candidate for director should be selected based on their ability, experience, and soundness, as well as personal qualities in consideration of the exercise of a leadership role in their field of expertise, which may translate into an efficient performance of the position.
  3. In order to incorporate into the Board multiple visions that complement and enrich the view of the Company, the proposal of the person to be elected should ideally consider, among others, the following elements:
    – Presence of men and women;
    – Different ages, cultures, nationalities or countries of origin, religious beliefs or confessions, or political thought.
    – Diversity and consequent complementarity in the academic background of its members, whether university or other;
    – Different levels of specialization of its members;
    – Different previous professional experiences, in entities that pursue different purposes and that complement their future responsibilities.

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