At Enaex Chile, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Thanks to ongoing efforts to meet our customer’s needs and add value, Enaex Chile has become the largest manufacturer and distributor of efficient, innovative explosives in Latin America.

Enaex Chile is also Chile’s leading provider of comprehensive rock fragmentation services.

Enaex has an extensive network of service plants located at the main mining sites throughout Chile. Each plant provides a variety of services for the mining industry, such as: shot blasting, loading blasting agents, shallow mooring, plugging blast holes, checking blasting holes, and magazine management.

The blasting designs on which Enaex’s services are based may be submitted by the customer or proposed by the Company’s highly qualified, experienced engineering team. These proposals enable Enaex to add value to customer operations by training, advising and recommending the most appropriate techniques and products for each situation.

Leveraging its vast blasting impact experience and knowledge of crushing and grinding operations, Enaex has optimized the fragmentation process and is able to offer complete blasting engineering services, These services, which range from blast hole design to blasting design, aim to optimize the fragmentation process.

Today, Enaex offers the entire value chain for comprehensive rock fragmentation services, ongoing innovation, technological development, efficient logistics and commitment to the customer.

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