Award Valor Inovação Brasil 2022

Enaex Brasil is among the five most innovative companies in the Chemical industry in Brazil.

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Our Ecotruck

Our new factory truck that produces raw materials for the production of explosives by recycling truck engine oil.

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Women’s leadership

Soledad Bauer, our Organizational Development and Sustainability Manager, discusses women’s leadership within the mining world.

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Enaex Robotics

During April 2022, a 100% remote, robotic and autonomous loading was carried out for tunnel development operations in underground mining.

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From June 13 to 16 we will be at EXPONOR 2022!

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Enaex Challenge 2022!

We’re looking for innovative solutions to optimize our fleet of trucks.

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Sustainability is an important topic as it ensures a company’s long-term viability and performance. HyEx is one of our most important projects to offer greener blasting solutions. To understand it, we talked with Pablo Wallach, our Vice president of Innovation & Marketing.


Director Application process

In accordance with the Company’s bylaws, Enaex S.A. is managed by a board of directors composed of 9 directors, among which at least one independent director must be appointed, in accordance with the provisions of Article 50 bis of Law No. 18,046 on Corporations.

Board members serve for a term of three years, and may be re-elected indefinitely.

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2021 Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Sustainability is an important topic as it ensures a company’s long-term viability and performance. To understand how it is measured and where Enaex stands, we talked with Josefina Diaz, the Head of Sustainability at Enaex, since 2009.

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For those who could not visit us, we invite you to discover the products and services presented.

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Green ammonia

We submitted to the Environmental Impact Assessment System, the Environmental Impact Statement of the project called “HyEx – Ammonia Synthesis”.

This project corresponds to the first green ammonia production plant in Chile with an annual production of 18,000 tons per year from green hydrogen and renewable energy.

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Information Management Manual

The updated version of the Information of Interest to the Market Management Manual is available in the Investors section.

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Acquisition of DBS

Enaex signs agreement to acquire 100% of Downer Blasting Services, an Australian rock fragmentation services company.


First shipment to Enaex Africa

First shipment of Ammonium Nitrate Porous Prill (ANPP) from Chile arrives in Namibia.