Enaex Chile Scope

Enaex Chile is a leading company in integral rock fragmentation services.
It produces, markets, distributes and handles high explosives and blasting agents for open pit and subway mining.


Enaex Chile History

We present you the history of Enaex Chile.


Milodón® Mixer Truck

Milodón® is a Blender or Triple mixer truck to mix ammonium nitrate and matrix, especially designed for the manufacturing of Anfo and pourable/pumpable heavy Anfos in rock blasting for open-pit mining.

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Whistleblower channel

The Whistleblower Channel is a formal communication channel to receive complaints, direct or anonymous, about breaches of internal rules, ethics violations, illegal conduct, or possible crimes associated with Chilean law No. 20,393 on criminal liability of legal persons and any other kind of offences committed by employees, consultants, contractors or suppliers, and third parties who hire it.