Corporate Governance

2017 Directors Training

According to the Board of Directors’ Training Program, in October and November 2017, the Enaex S.A.’s directors and main executives were trained by an external advisor in the following aspects:

  • Sustainability: “Best Sustainable Management Practices”.
  • Risks and Insurance: “Risk Management and Insurance”.

Main Executives’ Salary Structure, Compensations and Indemnity Policy

The Enaex compensations and indemnity policy aims to:

i)  Acknowledge and reward performance and achievement of objectives;

ii) Commit the executives with value creation for the Company;

iii) Encourage medium and long term objectives;

iv) Keep talents in the Company.

The Enaex compensations policy for main executives, as well as for the whole company, aims to attract and keep talents based on three criteria:

  • Competitiveness
  • Equity
  • Merit

In order to guarantee this criteria we seek support from world-class specialized consulting companies, which allows us to compare our salary structure with the market. In this same line, we conduct an annual review of income to guarantee competitiveness and fairness.

The staff salary structure considers a proportion of fixed remuneration and another variable one in order to encourage the fulfillment of the company’s purpose through an incentives system based on Company (R1), Business Unit (R2) and personal results (R3).

Corporate Governance Policies and Procedures

CMF (Ex SVS) 385 Standard Questionnaire


Answers to corporate governance questionnaire NCG CMF 385