We help our clients improve their processes productivity through a global value proposal of explosive products and technical advisory, transportation and administration services for mining shafts and works.

Enaex, with its 100 years in the industry, has consolidated as a market leader in blasting services for Chile’s large-scale mining, and as a major regional player in explosives manufacturing.

Our product lines include 5 categories:

Raw Materials 

Blasting Agents

High Explosives

Initiation Systems


Ammonium nitrate is commercialized as a raw material for the manufacturing of blasting agents at various mining operations, with different kinds of products that adapt to each client’s needs, delivering specific solutions for their applications. The ammonium nitrate produced by Enaex is commercialized directly with its customers in Chile and abroad, with important markets such as Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Japan and Australia, among others.

Enaex produces a wide variety of high explosives at the Río Loa Plant located in Calama, including different types of dynamite, boosters, cartridge emulsions and detonators. These products are required for blasting services for large-scale open-pit and underground mining, as well as for the medium- and small-scale mining.

It is important to mention that during 2014, Enaex directly entered the Peruvian market with the acquisition of 80% of the Chemtrade Company, through which the Company was awarded the ammonium nitrate supply contract for Minera Antamina, the largest mine in the country operated by BHP Billiton.

In July 2015 the French group Davey Bickford was purchased; this is one of the world’s most important manufacturers and distributors of detonators for the explosives industry. The purchase consolidated Enaex at international level as a rock fragmentation products and service provider. Davey Bickford strengthens Enaex abilities to develop innovative and more efficient solutions, which will allow us to support our clients in their productivity challenges.

Britanite was also acquired in 2015, which consolidated our regional position, with a solid participation in the Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil markets.

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Raw Materials

Chemical components used for the manufacturing of blasting agents.

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Blasting Agents

The combination of raw material, fuels and oxidizers used for rock fragmentation.

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High Explosives

High-energy cartridge explosive agents used from blasting initiation up to seismic exploration.


Initiation Systems

A group of explosive elements that conduct the shock wave to the high explosives and blasting agents.


Blasting Accessories

Support elements for blasting productivity: self-inflating bags, high-expansion cement, among others.