• A consolidated team of engineers and technical representatives allow Enaex to train, advise and recommend the proper techniques and products for each particular case, adding value to the clients operations.
  • A vast expertise of blasting and the importance of the design and products used, together with the know-how of the other downstream unit operations in the comminution process, have lead Enaex to offer a complete blasting engineering service that covers from drill design to blast design, in order to optimize the fragmentation process and deliver site solutions oriented to solve the problem directly where it begins.
  • The quality of its products and raw materials, combined with an ongoing innovation, technological development, efficient logistics, and commitment to clients, make Enaex a leader company in the comprehensive rock-fragmentation service.

Thanks to its vast experience in the blasting impact, and know-how of the crushing and milling process operations, the Company has optimized the fragmentation process and offers a complete blasting engineering service. This service ranges from drill design to blast design planning.