Enaex launches an open call for innovation proposals and promotes collaboration with global startups.

Within the framework of our corporate value “Our Strength: Innovation & entrepreneurship”, we have decided to open up the challenges we are facing today to different ecosystems of innovation to resolve them together.

Along with INNSPIRAL, the first corporate innovation accelerator in Latin America, we are going to launch our first open innovation challenge to open up the borders and actively collaborate with startups.

We invite you to participate and help us humanize mining!

It’s Enaex Challenge 2022!

For a better understanding, we spoke with our Digital Transformation Director, Jean-Marc Lütschg.

What’s Enaex Challenge 2022?

Enaex Challenge 2022 is an open call for innovation proposals directed towards all startups and technology providers that have a proven solution in real conditions that can generate a positive impact on our challenges.

What’s the challenge?

We are in the search for solutions to increase the reliability and availability of our fleet of trucks.

Enaex has over 100 MMU’s (raw material mixing trucks for the production of explosives), operating in Chile, which are from different makes, models, and have different explosive charge capacity configurations between 20 and 30 nominal tons.

While the fleet is partially sensorized, allowing for data analysis and the prevention of outages, Enaex is looking for complete traceability of each truck component, thus enabling comprehensive analytics and predictive modeling of the potential equipment failures, in order to maintain operational continuity, the efficiency of the truck fleet, and uphold its excellence in the service experience offered to customers.

What can participate in Enaex Challenge 2022?

All startups and technology providers!

The selected applicants can perform a pilot program along with the company, accessing co-funding for the development of the technology trial, in the current operating space of Enaex, plus methodological and technical support in the design of the pilot program.

How to apply?

Applications will be received starting Wednesday, April 28th through the website https://www.openinnspiral.com/, where you can also find the call for proposals terms and conditions and important dates. The call for proposals will be open until Sunday, May 15th.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are among Enaex’s core values.

To apply to Enaex Challenge 2022:

Go for it!

Apply to Enaex Challenge 2022through the website https://www.openinnspiral.com/

You have until Sunday, May 15th!

Just apply!