Enaex Brasil installs its first solar-powered plant.

One of the pillars of Enaex’ strategy for the coming years is People and ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance). It operates as a market metric to evaluate institutions’ principles of responsible investment.

Over the next five years, one of the main goals is to focus on renewable energy and the neutralization of carbon. Enaex Brasil is proud to annouce that it has finished an important project that puts this purpose into practice: the installation of a solar power station for the Escada industrial plant in Pernambuco.

About the project:

With the goal of generating electricity through the collection and conversion of solar radiation, the power station provides 100% of the electricity required for operations.

The implementation project began in July 2022, and the operation was authorized by the energy concessions company on February 2nd. In total, there are 248 modules offering a potential of 135.16kW. That is enough power to supply electricity to 100 homes.

What is the positive impact on the environment?

The solar power station has a low environmental impact during operations, since the energy source is solar and 100% renewable, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Currently, solar power is the third most-used energy source in the country, behind hydroelectric and natural gas.

For Enaex, protecting the environment means making ever stronger connections to life.

Our congratulations to those involved!

We are going to continue to look for new actions that benefit the planet and the daily lives of all our collaborators.