Enaex completes the first placement of a bond linked to sustainability.

Our company has achieved a milestone in the Chilean financial market by successfully completing the first issue of a Sustainability-Linked Bond, for an amount of US$ 104 million, with a 12-year maturity. The company’s offer, unprecedented in Chile until now, generated great interest from institutional investors, with a total demand for UF 3.7 million, equivalent to 1.5 times the available offer.

The highlight of this Sustainability-Linked Bond issue is that it is intrinsically linked to specific emission reduction targets, in line with Enaex’s sustainability strategy. Verification of these targets will be conducted through a Second Party Opinion (“SPO”) provided by Sustainable Fitch, following the annual emissions certification performed by SGS Chile.

Our CEO, Juan Andrés Errázuriz, talked about being the first company to place a bond of this type and stated that “together, and focusing on growing and consolidating an internationalization plan that today places us in a solid position, we will “humanize the mining industry”, being promoters of change that are in tune with the current demands of sustainable development”.