Increasing customer productivity was our focus on the 13th Opex 2022 Workshop

Enaex Brasil presented optimization and productivity increase cases in partnership with two important clients during the 13th Opex 2022 Workshop. Minério e Minerales magazine organized the event. EMTS (Enaex Mining Technical Solutions) technical team and the clients conducted the Enaex Brasil lectures.

“We will take advantage of this space at Opex to share successful experiences in explosives and rock blasting. The cases further highlight that Enaex organizes unique and customized proposals, focused on adding value and achieving the objectives of our customers,” highlights EMTS technical assistance manager José Silvio Corsini.

Mine to mill project in copper and gold mine.

On the first day of the event, Enaex Brasil presented the Mine to Mill optimization project carried out for Lundin Mining in partnership with Hatch Engenharia at a copper and gold mine in Alto Horizonte (state of Goiás). The client’s main objective was to maximize the plant’s performance using existing resources.

After a study and simulations of the work process, from drilling and blasting to milling, it was possible to create a specific fragmentation model. Lundin Mining reported that plant productivity increased between 13% and 28% from this model.

Results were achieved exclusively by applying the new methodology and low-cost actions without acquiring new equipment.

Cement industry

Another case the Enaex Brasil team presented at the event was about increasing mining productivity in the cement industry. Developed in partnership with Intercement Brazil at the Cezarina unit (state of Goiás), the client’s objective was to achieve the maximum potential for utilization of the mobile and crushing equipment for limestone ore. The challenges were to improve the release of the dismantled stockpile and reduce the occurrence of blocks and landslides.

The first steps were evaluating the fire plan parameters, load profile analysis, and borehole profiling. With the diagnostics in hand, options were sought within the Enaex product portfolio that would improve fragmentation without modifying the client’s mesh parameters.

Changes in explosive type, timing, and other blasting parameters resulted in better pile dispersion, improved fragmentation, and more effortless loading and transport using equipment already available at the operation.

In figures, the modifications represented a 3% increase in crushing productivity, a 9% reduction in electricity consumption, and an 8% reduction in drilling, blasting, and primary crushing costs, an annual savings of more than R$ 130,000 for the client.

“It was very enriching to share experiences and disseminate the work developed in partnership with Enaex. We have already been business partners for about ten years thanks to the quality of the products, the qualification of the equipment, and the personalized and efficient technical service”, commented the mining coordinator of Intercement Brazil, Guilherme Vivas.

“The presentation of projects such as these reinforces Enaex’s vision of having its customers as business partners and creating customized solutions according to the needs of each of them,” said EMTS technical coordinator at Enaex Brasil, Augusto Ferraz Ribeiro.