We are in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index!

Sustainability is an important topic as it ensures a company’s long-term viability and performance. To understand how it is measured and where Enaex stands, we talked with Josefina Diaz, the Head of Sustainability at Enaex, since 2009.

Sustainability relies on three pillars: Economic/Governance, Social and Environmental. The social aspect refers to community engagement, both internal and external. The environmental pillar relates to topics like waste management, emission reduction, or energy consumption. Companies often care primarily about sales and production efficiency, but it is important to see beyond pure business figures to sustain a company’s strategy.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) is the best indicator to measure our sustainability performance, as it covers those three pillars.

This is a global index, meaning that it compares us with other chemical companies worldwide. It is measured every year, and our submission requires the involvement of many internal departments, from innovation to customer relationship and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment).

This year we scored at 67/100, which puts us in the 91st percentile (we were in the 82nd percentile last year).

This benchmark means that we are among the 10% most performing companies in our field in terms of sustainability.

We have exceeded our objective, which was to be in the 80th percentile. Moving forward, we will set higher goals to not just be among the most sustainable companies, but to also improve our own score (performance).

To summarize our situation in terms of sustainability, Enaex has very good scores regarding innovation management and corporate governance. A new area arose this year around Taskforce Climate-related Financial Disclosure. It is about managing the financial risk related to climate change and natural events, and it is done by adapting our infrastructure, processes and systems and addressing any potential economic impact. This will be an area of focus for us for the upcoming years.

The DJSI is very important to Enaex on many levels. Among other things, it can indirectly impact our commercial activity, as our prospects and customers know how demanding this index is. Therefore, a good ranking sends a very positive message. In another way, our customers are increasingly concerned about these issues and more demanding with their suppliers. Considering Life is our priority, we act proactively.