Enaex Brasil was present at the 2nd Latin-American Symposium on Explosives Engineering.

Successful experiences and new technologies were the main highlights.

The event was held in Porto Alegre City (RS) on September 1st and 2nd, 2022. We presented, in our stand, how the Daveytronic Swift® technology works, by showing its functioning on a simulator that reproduces a real scenario to use and how to program the product, in a space that depicts an underground tunnel.

“Events like this one are significant opportunities for updates on international best practices and future trends in rock blasting services. As the world’s third largest producer of ammonium nitrate and the main provider of rock fragmentation services for mining projects in Latin America, we had to be present”, commented Danilo Vieira, Enaex Brasil Commercial Director.

Rafael Serrão Vieira, Specialist Engineer from Davey Bickford Enaex, and Gustavo Calegari Teodoro, EMTS Engineer, gave a talk on the use of electronic detonators in civil construction and new tunnel initiation technologies. At the end of the event, VP Latam East & North America, Antonio Cyrino de Sá, participated in the panel “The Future of the Explosives Industry in Latin America”.

Check out, in the video, how our participation was and the testimonials of customers who visited our stand.